Between meaning and meaninglessness - how will developments in technology change our work experience?



When do we feel that our work is meaningful? First of all, when we are engaged in something demanding that brings value to others and appreciation to ourselves. It is possible to feel meaningful work in any profession, but it is not as easy to find it in every job. An example of a job where this is becoming increasingly difficult is warehouse work. Mainly due to the development of technology - augmented reality, algorithmization of operations, use of robots. Why is this happening?

The development of technology, while helping to streamline processes, such as order picking, at the same time deprives the employee of the belief that he or she is dealing with something demanding. Not physically demanding, but requiring competence, experience and decision-making. Does this mean that as long as there is work for people in the warehouse, it will be work in which it is difficult to make sense? This is an important question for two reasons.

First, a sense of meaningful work is important for attracting and retaining employees. And the logistics industry has constant problems with this.

Second, the development of technology will change work not only in the warehouse. The warehouse is just a metaphor for the world of work - the question of meaning in the age of AI will be faced by all of us.