EXPERTS PANEL: Fulfillment e-commerce - growing needs, new challenges


Before deciding to use a fulfillment operator in the e-commerce industry, it is worth seeking expert knowledge. The panel will discuss the key success factors of e-commerce logistics to help answer the questions: what is the most difficult, what matters most, and which mistakes cost the most?

During the discussion, participants will discuss the issue of fulfilment in a comprehensive manner in the following areas:

  • Fulfilment in omnichannel - how multichannel amplifies challenges for logistics.
  • How digital transformation and the development of modern technologies support fulfilment.
  • Scalability and flexibility - important features of working with a fulfilment operator.
  • What other benefits for the merchant/vendor come from working with a fulfilment operator.
    Value-added services in fulfilment services - value creation or a flower for the sheepskin?
  • The importance of ecology and sustainability in fulfilment operations.
  • Control Tower - what data to collect in fulfilment and how to use it in building quality.
  • The role of system integration in cooperation with the fulfilment operator.