EXPERTS PANEL: Robots and technologies of the future


"If there is a way to do something better - find it" (Thomas Edison).

Warehousing professionals must keep up with technological trends and develop strategies accordingly. In order to remain agile ( from eng. agile) in a rapidly changing world, a warehouse must be equipped with advanced solutions. Technology will always drive futuristic warehouses, but we would still like to know: How it will affect warehouse operations and the people who work there.

We will talk about it among top experts, innovators - users and providers of innovative warehouse solutions during our panel: Robots and Technologies of the Future

The panel will address key issues:

  • Overview of key trends in 2024 . How will innovative robots and technologies change our warehouse?
  • Cobots, robotic palletizing and Autonomous Mobile Robots - AMR
  • Robotic Cube Technology - robotic picking systems
  • Technological innovations - machine vision systems and artificial intelligence
  • Technologies of the future - humanoid robots, robot dog, flying robots - when and where they will enter widespread use
  • Examples of robotization implementations in the warehouse. HOW can people and technology work more efficiently today?
  • 5 x case studies- solutions from different industries : FMCG / Retail / eCommerce / 3PL)
  • Why we are afraid of robots - 5 common fears that managers may have, along with perspectives to help overcome them.