EXPERTS PANEL: Smart warehouses - automation and transformation


Smart warehouses are a topic that has particularly attracted the interest of logistics industry managers in recent years. To streamline and modernize warehouse processes, it is worth starting with a good Transformation Strategy that will answer the question - when and what to automate?

During the speech, our speakers will talk about the role of AGVs, AMR, and the process of warehouse automation. In addition, the discussion will touch on the issues of: flexibility and scalability of solutions,integration of AGV, AMR, as well as process transformation and cost efficiency of warehouses. An important topic will be the issue of acquiring the right workforce and ensuring the right conditions in terms of safety of cooperation between people,and robots in warehouses.

And what else?

  • Artificial Intelligence in Warehouse Automation Operations
  • Integration with WMS: AGV, AMR and Warehouse Automation
  • Trends and Innovations in Warehouse Technologies